All Natural, Grass Fed

All the beef we sell is born and raised on this farm. We know exactly what goes into it from conception to butcher. We grow our calves on our own all natural milk and our own grass hay. They are never given grain. Once weaned they spend their lives roaming our large pastures. We carefully ensure our beef is just as healthy and natural as God intended. Among other things this means our beef is 100% antibiotic and hormone free.

Eat Healthy!

Not only does local, grass fed beef have a superior taste it is also healthier than grain fed beef. Compared to grain fed beef, grass fed beef is leaner, contains 2-5x more Omega-3s, and contains significantly more antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Studies are also showing that grass fed beef contains 2-3x more CLA, a potent antioxidant that might be protective against heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. (Why Grass-Fed Trumps Grain-Fed, Chris Kresser)

Premium Cuts

We stock our ground beef in vacuum sealed, frozen, 1 pound packs. We also maintain a line of vacuum sealed, frozen, premium roasts as well as a delicious summer sausage. We typically stock: