We breed and raise Large Black Hogs. This rare heritage breed continues to be ranked as threatened by the Livestock Conservancy. Large Blacks are a friendly, docile breed. They are excellent foragers and mothers. Their meat is tender, flavorful, and hands down the best we've ever eaten.

All Natural

Our hogs have free access to pasture. They are often found lounging in the sun or wallowing in their favorite mud hole. They do graze and root for other goodies as part of their diet. The rest comes from a custom feed we grind ourselves. Their grain is a mixture of locally grown, GMO-free corn, locally grown, GMO-free oats, an organic mineral, and a small amount of soybean meal for extra protein. They are also liberally supplemented with our surplus organic milk. We never treat our pigs with hormones or antibiotics. You can rest assured our pork contains only natural ingredients.

Whole Hog Sausage

We love sausage when it's done right. And we do it right. Our whole hog sausage is just that - whole hog. We keep out the center cut pork chops, but the rest of the hog goes into the sausage - hams and bacon included. The result is a gourmet sausage that is in a complete league of its own. Our hogs are processed in a USDA inspected facility and the resulting sausage is vacuum sealed in one pound packs. We currently offer: