We focus on raising heritage breed hogs. We have found heritage breeds to be friendlier, all around nicer pigs with a higher fat composition than many of their modern day, commercially geared counterparts. Their meat is tender, flavorful, and when raised in our system hands down the best we've ever eaten.

All Natural - Milk Fed

We raise our hogs in a very unique system. They are fed almost exclusively our own all natural milk, supplemented only with a custom feed mix we grind ourselves. Their grain is a mixture of locally grown corn, oats, and soybeans (currently all GMO free!), plus an organic mineral. We never treat our pigs with hormones or antibiotics. You can rest assured our hogs are raised 100% naturally.

Whole Hog Sausage

We love sausage when it's done right. And we do it right. Our whole hog sausage is exactly that - whole hog. The entire hog goes into the sausage - hams and bacon included. The result is a gourmet sausage that is in a complete league of its own. That's not just our opinion - we've lost track of the number of members who have told us it's the best sausage they've ever eaten. Our sausage is sold frozen in vacuum sealed, one pound packs. We currently offer: