Colossians 2:16 Farm

Natural Foods Just as God Intended

Want access to fresh, wholesome, natural foods just as God intended? The kind that are produced by small, family farmers, that are raised as simply and naturally as possible, and that are available directly from the farmer? Then join the Colossians 2:16 Private Membership Association! Our members enjoy 24/7 access to our Pantry, stocked with fresh, delicious, all natural, straight from our farm products. You won't find a better source of dairy, beef, and pork anywhere! And yes, we have RAW MILK!

Yes, We Are Open!

Folks driving by the Pantry often tell us they wonder if we're open. The answer is YES! Our Pantry is fully stocked with all the farm fresh products we offer and we are still accepting new members. However, our Pantry doesn't operate quite like your typical store - only members may gain access. Joining is a simple process. Visit our Become A Member page for more information.